Application examples

High DHC ( Dirt Hold Capacity) with high flow

Cooling circuit filter for fuel cell

Pollution control system

Ad Blue filters

Fluids separation

Coalescer / Hydrophobic filters

Protection and sealing

HVAC filters

primary fuel filter

Baggy filters with clips

Home appliance

Clothes dryer filter with hinge

Fluids cleanliness

Braking circuit filters

Systems protection

Fuel filter (fine filtration)

Wear reduction

Automatic transmission sump filter

Efficiency and appearance

Windshield washer fluid tank filter

Flow regulation

Calibrated filters for constant flow

Big particles filtration

Fuel system filter

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The automotive suppliers and manufacturers who trust us

We work directly with large companies, such as Volkswagen, Stellantis or Daimler. As for equipment manufacturers, we can mention Valeo, Akwell, Mahle Behr, Sogefi, Bosch or even Vitesco. We are also developing other projects with major manufacturers such as RSA (Renault).

We support them in the design and manufacture of filters and separators that they can integrate into their systems.

To create our parts, we use several media that we then transform in our factory. For this, we use various assembly techniques. We master the latest reliable and robust technologies (ultrasound, vibration, laser, infrared and mirror) for optimal results.


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